Concrete Additions in Oceanside

Installing concrete additions in Oceanside, California

If you want to build any additional structure in your property, building experts recommend that you choose concrete as the material. Whether you want to create a solid foundation for your garage or retaining wall, concrete offers strength and durability that you can’t get from other materials. But even though this material itself is robust, it’s also recommended that you hire a concrete contractor who knows how to work with it and produce excellent results. Your chosen contractor for concrete additions should be knowledgeable, experienced, and have the right concrete equipment.

With many years of experience in this industry, we at Oceanside Concrete Services believe that we’ve gained adequate expertise to create the best home additions. We understand that you’re spending potentially a lot of money, and therefore, you can rest assured there won’t be a trial and error. The skills we have acquired will enable you to take full advantage of the benefits of concrete. And since we’re licensed and bonded in Oceanside, you’re guaranteed that we’re a legitimate company.

Concrete Additions that We Can Help Build in Your Property

RV pads

If you have an RV, you may want a nice place where you’ll be parking it outside. Parking your RV either on the dirt or grass has various disadvantages. If you park it on the dirt, it can damage your tires. If you choose the grass, these places are full of pests that may eventually climb onto your vehicle. Also, both grass and dirt retain water when it rains. Prolonged exposure of your RV to this moisture can cause dry rotting on the tires. You can avoid these problems by letting us build an RV pad for you. Your costly investment won’t be exposed to their dirt, pests on the grass, and moisture on the tires.


Especially during the hot summer weather, you may want a well-built outdoor place to relax and unwind. Why not call us to build a patio for you? We have created lots of patios for homeowners in Oceanside, and if you ask them, they were all satisfied – thanks to our skilled and highly creative concrete contractors. We’ll come to your place, assess your home’s design, and build a structure that brings beauty and elegance. We’ll also devise the right strategies to build your patio so that it remains safe for people using it.

AC Pads

If you’ve recently bought an AC, you may want to build it a comfortable resting place. You can get in touch with us to build your AC a pad. AC pads offer a flat and stable surface where your appliance can rest without falling. And since these pads are raised from the ground, they protect these appliances from exposure to ground moisture and pests. An AC is an expensive piece of equipment; let us build it a pad to protect it.

Basketball Slabs

Do your kids love basketball? Then why don’t you go ahead and create a basketball court for them? They’ll play comfortably and without any hassles of playing in the dirt. You will also enjoy joining them for play. We at Oceanside Concrete Services can help in pouring a concrete slab that enables easy and proper basketball play.

No matter the concrete additions you’re looking for, get in touch with us at Oceanside Concrete Services. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to do it right. We’re also a licensed and bonded contractor in Oceanside to assure you of exceptional services. Contact us today to get free quotes on all our concrete services.

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